John Wick – Fearless But Also Careless Assassin

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John Wick – Fearless But Also Careless Assassin

John Wick is a standout amongst the most exciting and amazing action movies in a very long time, making light of awesome digital effects impacts, and a lot of kick-ass activity blended in with incendiary cleverness. And all that presented and covered with a legendary character who is ruthless, excellent and handsome. So, go back and watch the first two parts of John Wick, before the Parabellum come out.

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Amazing John Wick Facts

– Keanu Reeves does 90% of his own stunts.

– The mirror scene in ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ took months to plan. The scene itself took 5 days to film.

– John Wick’s kill count in the first film is 77, and 128 in the second.

– In the first, John Wick was originally supposed to be as a 60-year old man because of his fabled reputation.

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– John Wick’s puppy was an 8-week old beagle named Andy.

– The tattoo on John Wick’s back is the Latin phrase “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” which means “fortune favors the blood”.

– Reeves insisted they turn the pencil story from the original into a reality in the sequel.

– Studio heads didn’t want Daisy to have to die. Clearly, the film’s co-directors decided against them though because of her death’s vital importance as a plot-starter.

– During the filming of the nightclub scene in the original, Reeves had the flu and a 104-degree fever, but wouldn’t even take breaks to sit down.

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– Director Chad Stahelski was Reeves’ stunt double in ‘The Matrix’ movies.

– The film’s stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott uses “car-fu” where the cars are used as weapons. Reeves actually got to perform some “car-fu” in the sequel.

– Reeves was 3 months in boot camp to prepare for the movie.

– Director Chad Stahleski knows he wanted to cast Laurence Fishburne for a Matrix reunion.

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