Love Candies & Games? Try This Candy Crush Facts

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Love Candies & Games? Try This Candy Crush Facts

Candy Crush Saga game has turned into most addictive and one of the best games started on Facebook. Also, the game has become a brand. The game, which includes a huge number of addictive gamers around the world, asks the players to fit sweets and candies to amounts that are total and score points or lose a life. Players get five lives at the same time to keep on playing, also players need to hold around for half an hour or possess lives are sent by Facebook friends or just buy lives.

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Sweet Candy Crush Facts

The Most Popular Game App

Up until now, Candy Crush Saga has in excess of 35 million likes on its application page. It at present holds the respect of being the most well-known and most popular application on Facebook and the most astounding developing application in the Apple and Google application stores.

Celebrity Players

Candy Crush Saga has individuals from everywhere throughout the world totally snared, including numerous famous people. Emma Roberts, Adam Levine, and Josh Groban are among the Candy Crush Saga’s players. The prominence of the amusement has proceeded onward to stock, with Candy Crush merchandise being a multi-million dollar business in itself. So there are various items you can purchase on Etsy.

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Facebook Based

It made its way around to smartphone devices. Candy Crush Saga started for Facebook on April 12, 2012. It at that point advanced over to smartphone gadgets on November 12, 2012. The first amusement, Candy Crush, is a program browser game turning into a slight variation for its successor. So there is a Basic version and a hacked.


In view of the thundering accomplishment of the game, it will undoubtedly get various impersonations and copies. Candy Crush’s lawful group have been exceptionally occupied with suing copycats throughout the years. So a speedy Google search will demonstrate to you that you could compose a best 10 post about their claims alone.

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Crazy amount of earned Money

To state that Candy Crush Saga is monetarily practical is putting it mildly. 9to5Mac announced that the game gets a complete income stream of $633,000 every day! The game could acquire $230 million per year or more if this day by day rate proceeds.

Game Rehab Centre

Candy Crush Saga can be addictive to the point that there is, in reality, such an incredible concept as Candy Crush Rehab for players who have invested an excess of energy or cash playing the amusement. There’s really a Candy Crush restoration focus in Los Angeles, and probably bounty more around the globe.

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