Not Math, But Geometry Dash Game Facts :)

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Not Math, But Geometry Dash Game Facts :)

Geometry Dash is a collection of five games developed by programmer Robert Topala, also released by his firm, RobTop Games company. Geometry Dash is a platforming game that at this moment has 21 levels along with a game development system with over 50 million online levels made by gamers. Every one of the official levels features exceptional background music. Other characteristics include a level editor, “map packs,” user-created levels, key vaults, along with a number of icons and match styles. Upon its launch, Geometry Dash had only seven levels, which are at this moment free to play on game’s free edition alongside six additional levels released in the later full version game updates. It might soon gain severe popularity across the world, particularly Canada, where it achieved the name as the hottest paid app. There are four free versions of the game, one being “Geometry Dash Lite” which now (as part of update 2.2) contains the first 13 levels from the entire edition.

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Interesting 10 Geometry Dash Facts

1) The boat wasn’t assumed to have a roof, but that has been changed at the center of the beta.

2) There was a level from the beta termed’Infinite Power’. It never made the cut.

3) During the beta phase of GD, its title was ‘Geometry Jump’.

4) Coins and stars never existed when GD was released.

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5) It says it removed Geometry Dash After you uninstall GD on Android.

6) If you finished the first 3 levels of the GD’s Steam version, you receive an achievement termed’SteamStep’.

7) Close to the beginning of 2.1, Steam remove GD because of a petition created by Newgrounds artists, because players were incorporating copyrighted songs they did not make simply to utilize them at GD. Newgrounds and RobTop fixed the matter and it has been put back on Steam.

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8) GD came for PC on 1.9 patch.

9) The initial demon level, Clubstep, was in version 1.6.

10) Occasionally in the 2.1 editor, even if you eliminate the floor, you will observe that a glitched space coated in a ribbon. If you back in and go from this editor, it’s there’s not any floor.

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